What a Difference a Year Makes

Impressive Progress for True Prodigy

There have been so many successes for True Prodigy during the time between our first participation at the TAAD conference in 2018 and this year’s conference in Austin. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on and recognize the hard work of our team and our partner clients.

Last year, when we attended the TAAD conference, True Prodigy came armed with only our client-centric company vision, a unique development approach and a few interested early adopters. At this year’s conference, our committed clients and interested prospects were given an actual, live demonstration of each of our new applications.

During the conference, True Prodigy was able to showcase these new software applications in both our booth and demonstration room to many eager attendees; Astonishingly, many of these products didn’t even exist last year. Not only did we demonstrate our new software programs, we were able to demonstrate that we are already delivering on our promises to offer innovative solutions to the Texas appraisal industry. Our speed to market is just one of the facets of our company vision that will bring real change and significant value to the appraisal industry in Texas. 

At the conference, we showed clients:

Prodigy EquiFinder™ – This solution is a powerful tool for the selection, identification, and comparison of commercial property for the purpose of fair and equitable valuation analysis. It enables appraisal districts to provide effective equity grid presentations and defensible valuation analysis.

Prodigy MRA™ – This is an application that will bring a fundamental change to the mass appraisal industry as it will make multiple regression analysis vastly easier to use and place this powerful tool in the hands of everyday appraisers as they fine tune their property valuations. This solution was developed using browser-based, cloud computing technology and is available at a fraction of the cost of other similar external tools.

Prodigy Events™ – This solution has user-defined forms to capture and analyze any type of data such as commercial leases, fee appraisals, listings and repairs.

Prodigy Sketch™ – This tool provides comprehensive sketch capabilities including builder-plan image overlays for tracing. This cloud-based sketching application provides improved features for sketching that can complement the Prodigy Appraisal application or can be used in a stand-alone application. New features include a secondary screen for freehand sketching and disto tool integration

The positive response in our standing room-only sessions and the nonstop traffic in our booth reaffirmed that True Prodigy is providing solutions the industry has been anxiously awaiting. Even after the conference, the interest in our new solutions continues to build as more and more appraisal offices express agreement with our unique value proposition.

On the heels of the TAAD conference, we are now more excited than ever to continue working on our most important solution, Prodigy Appraisal. We are making significant progress and continue to track towards a beta release in August 2019 for our early adopter clients.

If the past twelve months has been this promising, the next twelve months plans to be even more so. We can’t wait to see you all next year at the 2020 TAAD Conference where we will be able to show you a live demonstration of everything that Prodigy Appraisal has to offer your district.

To find out more about our products and our company, please call (972) 806-0668 or email us at hello@trueprodigy.com. We would love to walk you through how we are single handedly going to change the Texas property appraisal industry by finally providing you with solutions that make your job easier.

Cynthia McKinney & Sarah Wallace