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May 1, 2021


True Prodigy Releases Prodigy Queue

(Dallas) Saturday, May 1, 2021

Today, True Prodigy introduces Prodigy Queue, a whole new way to manage the workflow for Appraisal Districts. The new solution is a completely integrated work-tracking system to help appraisal districts process and manage a variety of workflow requests that are key to the property appraisal process, including the processing of online forms, portal requests, internal requests, BPP rendition batch requests, deed transfers and building permits.

Prodigy Queue is the first step in a completely integrated workflow system approach that will fundamentally change the way appraisal districts collaborate, process forms, and perform other key tasks in the property appraisal process. In addition, the application empowers appraisal districts to work more efficiently by providing the following features:

  • Work Item Tracking: This is an electronic to-do list with work progression management though the use of document sharing, team queue assignments and process status updates.
  • Work Status Updates: Managers and staff can quickly review work item statuses for their department in real-time. This information is provided in detail and in summary form so that actions can be quickly taken to eliminate bottlenecks and delays in workflow processing.
  • Custom Configuration: Offices can customize their application experience by creating any number of work item types such as homestead applications, AG applications and BPP renditions. In addition, the user can create custom triage handling and employee queues to allow for assignment of work and task management. This customization allows the software to work for any office, no matter how unique their property appraisal process might be.
  • Batch Import Processing: Work items can be processed in batch form and automatically assigned to properties easily by using barcode technology and OCR recognition. This allows for a stack of BPP renditions to be scanned all at once. The system can then image the pages, generate a PDF, identify the property based on barcode and then assign the work item with the necessary documentation automatically attached. This process occurs in seconds using cloud-computing, barcode recognition software.
  • Statistics: Being able to measure progress always improves the process. Prodigy Queue captures key performance indicators such as time-in-queue, time-in-status and time-to-completion to provide statistics to users and managers so they can make informed decisions in personnel workload assignments to maximize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary delays in processing.

Prodigy Queue is designed to become the virtual workflow manager for the appraisal district. It will likely be the first application the office staff checks in the morning and the last application they check before they log out in the evening. It can improve how every employee in the office manages their work tasks, becoming the central nervous system of all work occurring in the CAD.

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