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April 1, 2022


True Prodigy Processes Travis CAD’s
Appraisal Grids in Record Time

(Dallas) April 1, 2022 – Today, True Prodigy successfully processed over 323,000 property girds faster than it, or any other software vendor, has ever done before. 

Using True Prodigy’s Prodigy Appraisal software, Travis CAD was able to generate over 323,000 property grids, which included market and equity grids in a record-breaking three hours. This process used to take Travis CAD three weeks with their previous software. The previous process was not only time-consuming, but the staff had to spend endless hours running small 5,000 grid batches to successfully complete the processing. With Prodigy Appraisal, the Travis CAD staff were able to start the process, go about their work, and the process was flawlessly completed in just three hours. 

In addition, with Prodigy Appraisal, appraisal districts can use the market grid value function to set property values weeks before appraisal notices are mailed. Typically, districts set these property values using the cost approach and then must defend the values during the protest season using the market approach. This is a laborious and inefficient process. With Prodigy Appraisal, appraisal districts can set property values using the market approach and defend the values using the same approach. This is a more efficient, seamless process.  

With Prodigy Appraisal, appraisal districts are able to eliminate weeks of manual data entry for value imports as well. Legacy appraisal software solutions would typically take three weeks for value imports and require three people to manage the time-consuming process. With True Prodigy, the value imports process takes three minutes and only requires one employee to supervise. After using Prodigy Appraisal software, a Travis CAD commercial appraiser exclaimed: “Processed my first value import–MIND BLOWN.” Her comments speak for themselves.  

With four years of proven success with multiple property appraisal clients, True Prodigy is quickly becoming the new definition of CAMA. The software and staff of True Prodigy are dedicated to improving the work of property appraisal offices and continuing to “blow minds” across the state.  

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