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February 4, 2022


True Prodigy and Spindlemedia Partner to Provide a Full Suite of Property Appraisal and Tax Collections Solutions for Texas Appraisal and Tax Offices

(Dallas) February 4, 2022 – Today True Prodigy announces a partnership with Spindlemedia to provide an integrated product suite for Texas appraisal and tax offices. True Prodigy provides the best-in-class property appraisal solution for Texas and has worked with Spindlemedia at joint customer installations for several years. Instead of developing a new collections software solution, True Prodigy determined it would be in the best interest of its customers to partner with Spindlemedia to bring its superior collections software to its customers as well.

True Prodigy and Spindlemedia worked together recently in Randall and Potter Counties. Prodigy Appraisal® and Spindlemedia’s Tax Suite software are interoperable and able to seamlessly transfer data between the two applications in real time. The data integration includes the sharing of information such as Roll Corrections, Ownership Changes, Agent Changes and Truth-in-Taxation data. There can often be delays or issues in manually loading these monthly files for multiple reasons but with the integration between these two systems, as soon as a value or an exemption is corrected in the appraisal system, it will be immediately reflected in the tax system. Offices will no longer have to rely on manual updates resulting in quicker refunds for taxpayers. The Truth-in-Taxation process will also be simplified with this bilateral integration.

“Spindlemedia is considered, by many, to be the best tax collection package in the industry,” explained Osvaldo Morales, True Prodigy President. “Their collections expertise, coupled with our innovation on the appraisal side, gives our clients the best of both worlds, in a seamless, integrated package. Because of this partnership, our clients that have both appraisal and collections needs, no longer have to wait for us to build an integrated tax collections solution.”

“We are thrilled to partner with True Prodigy to bring these complementary solutions to our customers,” stated Steve Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Spindlemedia. “We respect True Prodigy’s business model and believe it closely aligns with our promise to always put our customers first. This partnership allows us to join forces to bring the best of two different product categories to Texas clients that need both property appraisal and collections software. This partnership provides substantial benefits to counties where the appraisal and collections are handled separately. The seamless integration of these two products will address many pain points offices have when the property appraisal and the tax collections functions are separate. This integration will not only allow the applications to “talk” to each other, it will allow the groups to work more seamlessly together, reducing friction, inefficiency and improving the overall experience for property owners.”

The next phase of the partnership will include migrating the solutions to a real-time API service. The two companies are like-minded and have very similar development approaches so they will be able to develop more features that benefit their joint customers more quickly. They are planning to offer read-only access to their systems, allowing the appraisal office to view the tax collections information when needed and allowing the tax office to view property appraisal data if necessary. They will interface through APIs, so that the tax office will be able to see data changes as soon as they are sent by the appraisal office. Since the solutions are hosted on the cloud and offer this integration, these products will allow taxpayers to do more online, without having to go to the appraisal or tax office.

The solutions are currently available for Texas appraisal and tax offices. Interested offices should contact True Prodigy or Spindlemedia to find out how these two products can work together to provide the most efficient office experience for property appraisal and tax collection.

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