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August 2019


True Prodigy Adds Three Additional Texas Appraisal District Offices to Client List

(Dallas) Wednesday, August 14, 2019 – Three additional Texas Appraisal District offices signed agreements to move their property appraisal management to the Prodigy Appraisal™ solution. With True Prodigy® as their CAMA provider, these offices will utilize the convenience and functionality of the new cloud-based appraisal application, Prodigy Appraisal. Use of this new CAMA application will help appraisal offices in the state of Texas manage the appraisal process for all properties in their district with innovative features that have not previously been available to appraisal districts. The new clients will be implemented Fall of 2021.


Prodigy Appraisal represents a new generation of computer-aided mass appraisal (CAMA) software for the state of Texas. This new software combines an agile software development approach with the latest capabilities including web-app stack design, cloud computing, open API, data visualizations, business intelligence, mobile-ready, responsive design, and many other innovative features that modern appraisal districts need today. This agile methodology allows True Prodigy to release software at a faster pace than what was previously possible by legacy providers. 


“It is exciting to add three additional clients to the True Prodigy family,” explained Osvaldo Morales, True Prodigy CEO. “As interest builds in the appraisal industry for CAMA applications that provide new and modern approaches, the True Prodigy suite of applications is strategically poised to address the needs and challenges faced by Texas Appraisal Districts.  


We are thrilled that our new software is receiving such a positive reception in Texas. With so many new clients in such a short timeframe, we are confident that there is a real, sustained need for a new solution at many of these offices. It also confirms our original thinking when we first started the company—Put simply, we think that if our customers can use our software to complete their work in less time—and get to spend more time with their families—we will be providing immeasurable value to our clients. 

Prodigy Appraisal was initially available to beta clients in August 2019, with the first customer in production in November 2019. True Prodigy will be onboarding four appraisal district offices on the Prodigy Appraisal application during the year. In addition to Prodigy Appraisal, True Prodigy offers additional, ancillary products for appraisal districts including Prodigy Equifinder™, Prodigy MRA™, Prodigy BI™ and Prodigy Analytics™.


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