The Future of Mobile Appraisal


In a world where the cloud plays a crucial role in connectivity, it’s vital  that field appraisers can be mobile and have access to data and appraisal tools. Embracing mobility has become a new norm, and Prodigy Mobile has been designed to meet this important need.

Fully integrated with the existing Prodigy Appraisal platform, field appraisers can now carry out their work assignments using a mobile device, with their work synchronized in real-time to a cloud-based database that can be accessed both in the field and in the office.


Prodigy Mobile equips field appraisers with all the necessary tools to communicate and work effectively in the field. Work assignments can be easily accessed from the cloud and downloaded for use in rural areas with limited connectivity.

These assignments are presented in  a list view, an overall map view, and a route view which calculates the most efficient route to view each property and provides turn-by-turn directions.

With a few clicks, appraisers can edit property sketches and capture multiple images of the property, add improvement and land information in the field.

These updates will be saved and reviewed by a manager, who can approve the changes or send feedback for corrections before the information is saved to the database.


From a management perspective, Prodigy Mobile also offers a range of features that enhance productivity and efficiency. Managers can assign properties to appraisers, which will be automatically  synchronized in the cloud. Additionally, system administrators can access the Productivity Log generated by Prodigy Mobile, providing real-time that can be analyzed to increase team productivity.


Why should appraisers rely on outdated local server systems when they can be out in the field and stay productive? The need for expensive in-house IT infrastructure is a thing of the past with scalable cloud architecture available. All appraisers need is a tablet with internet access and they can be productive in the field, as they are in the office. With all these features, it’s clear Prodigy Mobile is a key player in the future of cloud-based appraisal.

– Eli Green & Sarah Wallace