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Powerful, Flexible, and Reliable CAMA Software

Simple, forward-thinking with cost, income and market valuations. Includes value reconciliation, mixed-income, economic unit, condominium, undivided interest, user-configurable screens and unparalleled performance. Learn More

Comprehensive cloud-base sketching with builder-plan image overlays. Plus, second screen for freehand sketching and disto tool integration. Can be used with Prodigy Appraisal or standalone.

The latest Cadastral Imagery (CI) including Eagleview Pictometry Aerials, Cyclomedia Aerials, Nearmap Aerials, Google Maps, Google street-view, Google Tilt-View, Bing Maps, Bing Birds-Eye View and our very own True Prodigy GIS mapping interface.

User defined forms that capture and analyze any type of data, including commercial leases, fee appraisals, listings and repairs.

Powerful selection, identification, and comparison of commercial property for the purpose of fair and equitable valuation analysis. Allows effective equity grid presentations and defensible valuation analysis.

Makes multiple regression analysis vastly easier. Developed using browser-based, cloud computing technology and available at a fraction of the cost of other similar tools.

Archimedes once said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” That is the lever that will propel your district to stay on top of thousands of ever increasing informal and formal agent and owner protests. Our streamlined flow process will allow you to manage appeals in less time using our auto mass value recommendation, generation of evidence packet capabilities, cutting edge market and equity grids with centroid capabilities, schedule appeals, and manage your team progress with our dashboard feature.

Prodigy Analysis will equip your appraisers with the necessary streamlined tools to efficiently analyze their market areas using statistical models and methods. This module will also improve the quality of determining market values with more confidence to prepare your CAD to enter into the formal season.

Prodigy Queue is a whole new way to manage the workflow for Appraisal Districts. The new solution is a completely integrated work-tracking system to help appraisal districts process and manage a variety of workflow requests that are key to the property appraisal process, including the processing of online forms, public portal requests, internal requests, BPP renditions, deed transfers and building permits.  The Queue Dashboard allows all stakeholders to know the status of every job function being performed across the appraisal office in real-time.

Prodigy Mobile has modernized how appraisers complete their field work assignments.  With Prodigy Mobile, appraisers can check out their field work, download the property information to their iPADs, go out in the field and perform field inspections using a custom IOS Mobile app developed by True Prodigy.  Then synchronize their changes  to their cloud database when an internet connection is established.  All managed from our Mobile Manager app integrated into Prodigy Appraisal and developed by one vendor – True Prodigy.

Prodigy Conferencing allows appraisal offices to host meetings for Informal or Formal Protests either in-person or virtual – all embedded into True Prodigy’s Appraisal product.   Other meetings such as Litigation, Arbitration and Client Service meetings can also be scheduled using Prodigy Conferencing.

Our BI module includes letter management, reporting services, and SmartLists to surface critical data. Power users can use this module to publish letters and reports. The BI module is also used to create and maintain the queries that power SmartLists.

Prodigy Litigation allows for the management of lawsuits, arbitration and SOAH cases. This solution includes tracking of parties, documents, motions, discovery, offers, evidence, events and communications. It also includes calendaring for the scheduling of meetings with automated reminder notifications.

Truth-in-Taxation is a concept embodied in the Texas Constitution that requires local taxing units to make taxpayers aware of tax rate proposals and to afford taxpayers the opportunity to roll back or limit tax increases.

This website provides information concerning the property taxes that may be imposed on your property by local taxing units, the dates and locations of any public hearings on the tax rates of the taxing units, and the dates and locations of meetings of the governing bodies of the taxing units to vote on the tax rates, together with other important property tax information.

Prodigy Portals will give external users access to pertinent appraisal district data and reports. These portals include a Taxing Unit Portal, an Owner Portal, an Agent Portal, an Attorney Portal, and a Title Company Portal. External users will have a limited list of user rights with limited access to screens as defined by the county client system administrator.

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