Prodigy Appraisal is a comprehensive mass appraisal software application that is being developed from the ground up using the latest advancements in computer software technology. The product includes all software modules expected for the operation of a Texas Appraisal District.

Property Maintenance Module

Our Property Maintenance module includes, parcel identification with parcel split and merge support, owner maintenance, land maintenance, improvement maintenance, property versioning, deed maintenance, sales maintenance, tax agent maintenance, ag/timber maintenance, exemption maintenance, and taxing unit maintenance.

Appraisal Module

Our Appraisal module includes business personal property valuation, mineral property maintenance, cost approach valuation, market approach valuation, income approach valuation, mixed-use property valuation, , value reconciliation, sales ratio analysis, and multiple-regression analysis.

Appeals Module

Our Appeals module includes inquiry management, appeals management, market comparable grids, equity grid generation both of which use various configurable methods, and online appeals.

Prodigy Economic Units Module

Our Economic Units module values commercial properties using the income approach and includes streamlined data input with automatic property attribute import for fast entry, property identification, intuitive valuation of direct cap actuals and models, property rent roll maintenance, reconciliation and distribution capabilities for multi-use properties, and PDF generation of income reports for evidence visualization.

Prodigy BI Module

Our BI module includes letter management, reporting services, and SmartLists to surface critical data. Power users can use this module to publish letters and reports. The BI module is also used to create and maintain the queries that power SmartLists.

Prodigy Admin Module

Our Prodigy Admin module includes user and role management functions for internal Prodigy users as well as private and public portal users. The tax transparency module contains settings for login, tax limitation, and chart display. The public portal module contains settings for custom messages, actions, as well as appeals configuration for the public portal.

Prodigy Appraisal Admin Module

Our Appraisal Admin Maintenance module includes Prodigy Appraisal webpage configurations, codefile maintenance, pricing and depreciation schedules, mass recalculations, exports, and annual processes for Notices and Certification. Most top-level appraisal options can be managed with this module.

Web Portals

Our web portals include an owner portal, agent portal, taxing unit portals, arbitration and litigation portals. Our owner portal includes the ability to submit electronic exemption applications, account maintenance such as address corrections and name changes with supporting evidence, electronic protest filing, electronic renditions, communications center, and the ability to manage their properties for a complete view of their property portfolio. We are also developing specialized portals for our clients such as a title company portal among others.

Join us in the clouds!

Our development experience is steeped in a long, storied heritage of property appraisal experience. We are now booking for year 2025. Before you miss out on the opportunity to secure your place on our implementation schedule, call or email us and we can show you first-hand what we have already developed.

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