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April 12, 2021


True Prodigy Releases Online Forms

(Dallas) Monday, April 12, 2021

Today, True Prodigy introduced Prodigy Online Forms, which provides appraisal districts a quick way to create digital property appraisal forms. This new solution can be customized to the specific needs of an appraisal district and is seamlessly integrated into True Prodigy’s Public Portal website and Prodigy Queue product.

These Prodigy Online digital forms can be submitted to Prodigy Queue for automatic workflow assignment. This ensures faster, more efficient processing across every appraisal district department. Real-time form integration streamlines the application management process. These secure documents can be accessed across the office or remotely since they are stored in the cloud allowing office staff to work from anywhere.

Digitizing appraisal district forms improves appraisal district efficiency by:

  • Reducing processing time by eliminating manual entry data re-work and moving the document to the next step in the queue automatically
  • Providing convenient digital form submission for property owners. Allowing them to securely access and submit forms on any device, at any time through the Public Portal. This solution eliminates printing, mailing, scanning, and bringing the form to the district office.
  • Providing real-time submission status to the property owner

In combination with Prodigy Queue, Prodigy Online Forms will streamline an appraisal district’s workflow and allow the office to process data electronically, securely, and efficiently to benefit the office and property owners.

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