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Jan 31, 2024

Howdy Chief Appraisers

I hope the new year is treating you well so far.  

Having been in your shoes, I remember how stressful this month can be with the anticipation of Property Value Study (PVS) results looming at the end of the month. How are you all feeling? If the nerves are kicking in, don’t worry—you’re not alone. 

As you await the results, it’s crucial to start preparing an appeal if you believe questionable sales data was used. Feel free to reach out to True Prodigy for assistance; they are here to help, especially with adjustments to sales that might have included appliances, security systems, etc. Don’t overlook details like the number of days a property was on the market before selling—MLS information can be a valuable resource for this. 

Another often overlooked aspect is concessions. Remember to deduct these amounts from your sale prices before posting them. And let’s not forget about the MAP reviews for the current calendar year. I know it feels like there’s no break, but if you need reports or smart lists to navigate through this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with True Prodigy. The MAP final reports for the prior calendar year are also on the horizon, and we’re ready to assist you through that as well. 

As the demands seem to increase every year, it’s essential to keep your website up to date with utility information, meeting agendas, and minutes. Our CAD websites are user-friendly, but if you prefer, we can handle updates for you. Ensure your Reappraisal Plan is updated and adopted before September 15, including a timeline and maps indicating the areas to be reviewed. Our GIS department is at your service for any necessary maps to comply with MAP requirements. 

Around this time, you’ll also receive the 2023 Operation Survey for appraisal districts. Did you know you can run this report from our Prodigy BI application? BI, which stands for Business Intelligence, serves as a repository for various objects, including reports, smart lists, data validation, gain/loss analysis, and more. 

I encourage you to join our installations queue, making handling preliminary PVS and 2024 MAP results a breeze next January 31. By becoming a True Prodigy client, you might find these processes easier with our support.  

Please feel free to reach out and share any topics or concerns you’d like me to address. Wishing you all the best on January 31 with those preliminary PVS and 2023 MAP results! 

Best regards, 

Maggie D.

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