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Our Vision

Develop a suite of elite software applications that will become the model for property appraisal standards in our industry; first in Texas, then across our nation, then the world.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, to create great software analysis tools for the everyday appraiser user. We are focused specifically on ad-valorem property appraisal county offices such as appraisal districts and tax assessors. True Prodigy collectively develops appraisal analysis tools that embeds the genius of machine learning to solve complex appraisal problems many appraisal offices face today.

Our Mission

Create elite software applications for the mass appraisal of property for ad-valorem tax by leveraging cloud-computing technology, by harnessing our clients expertise, and by leveraging our own domain expertise.

The Founders

Osvaldo Morales

Osvaldo Morales

President, True Prodigy, LLC

Osvaldo Morales has provided leadership for appraisal and property tax software development for over twenty years. As co-founder and president of a leading software company in the late nineties, Osvaldo has shown his abilities in building great products, providing top-rated customer service and building a great company for employees to work and grow.
Osvaldo is a technologist at heart and has a vision like very few people in our industry. Among his key qualities is having profound understanding of the complexities of the appraisal and property tax industry, legislative requirements and the impact these legislative changes have on appraisal staff. Since his days at Maverick County Appraisal District and his training in advanced computer systems, he knows how technology can be leveraged to create incredible software tools and put it in the hands of every day appraiser users.

His latest project is the creation and establishment of a new software development company named True Prodigy® in 2017. For the past fifteen years, Osvaldo honed his leadership skills to provide incredible software products, strategic product growth, establish long-range plans, cultivate employee satisfaction, and practice fiscal responsibility. By utilizing these skills, Osvaldo will carry True Prodigy® into becoming The NEXT Generation Appraisal system for our appraisal and tax community. The new company will create products that will leverage specific cloud-based technologies using web app design, open API architecture and several other key software technologies. Many of these technologies are entirely new in our appraisal and tax community.

Osvaldo not only has a passion for providing software tools to streamline processes, but in developing strong relationships with our clients, software partners and employees alike. Osvaldo has a strong belief that by listening to our end users, software partners and employees, not only will the base application be successful, but any future enhancements will be in-line with industry needs and requirements.

With his leadership skills and experience with technology, Osvaldo will build True Prodigy® products into The NEXT Generation Appraisal systems and be the model for appraisal standards in Texas.

Jonathan Coco

Jonathan Coco

Vice President of Software Development, True Prodigy, LLC

Jonathan Coco has provided software development leadership in the appraisal and tax industry for over twenty years. As co-founder and VP of Software Development of a leading software company in the late nineties, Jonathan has shown great abilities to create effective software products and build exceptional software development teams.
Jonathan’s goal-setting discipline and passion for self-improvement can be seen in career decisions as well as his physical conditioning. Jon has always been a great physical shape and then he decided to one-up his accomplishments and participate in iron man competitions. The rigorous training alone is enough to break most men. Not Jonathan, he stuck with it with training six times a week and participated in two iron man competitions in 2008 and again in 2011. It’s a testament of Jonathan’s discipline and passion for success.

In 2016, Jon decided to leave a comfortable job and go back to school to learn cloud-based software development technology. He felt that advancements in technology could be leveraged to make better, more stable, and more powerful software tools. This web technology has been advancing at such high rates that he wanted to focus exclusively on learning and mastering it. He completed his coursework and then went on to practice his new knowledge at two software development companies. The improvement in software development speed, system performance, and responsive user interfaces was incredible – and he now knows how to build such advanced software systems.

In late 2017, Jon decided to join Osvaldo Morales and co-founded True Prodigy®. Jonathan brings a unique end-to-end understanding of the tools required by appraisal and tax offices to help in their daily work processes and to build a product that meets all state mandated requirements. He is very excited to apply this knowledge to the True Prodigy® product line and work side by side with our clients to build world class products that exceed their expectations.

Jonathan holds a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana State University and lives in Melissa, Texas with his wife, 4 kids and 2 dogs.

With over two decades of working together to provide software for property appraisal and tax industry, Osvaldo and Jonathan have demonstrated their ability to work together to achieve a common goal. Due to their familiarity and extensive history with appraisal and tax software, they have a keen awareness of the intricacies required to provide a product that serves the changing needs of appraisal and tax offices.

As technology is constantly transforming and evolving, Osvaldo and Jonathan work to be aware of these new tools and their capabilities. Their ability to utilize these technologies to enhance the product functionality, and thus enhance the end user experience, is a testament to their commitment to developing True Prodigy® The NEXT Generation Appraisal for appraisal and tax offices.

These technologies include:

1. Cloud-Computing Web Application
2. Application Programming Interface (API)
3. Data Visualizations for Dashboard Concepts
4. Responsive Design for Mobile Devices
5. Cloud Services Ecosystem
6. Integration with other cloud-computing apps
7. On-Demand Scalability and High Availability

For over twenty years, Osvaldo and Jonathan have listened to the needs of appraisal and tax offices regarding their software needs and requirements and have a profound insight for overall product expectations. By understanding the complexities of the appraisal and tax industry and the state mandated requirements, Osvaldo and Jonathan will work together and use their combined knowledge to build the True Prodigy® application for The NEXT Generation Appraisal.

Join us in the clouds!

Our development experience is steeped in a long, storied heritage of property appraisal experience. We are now booking for year 2025. Before you miss out on the opportunity to secure your place on our implementation schedule, call or email us and we can show you first-hand what we have already developed.

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