Howdy Chief Appraisers

April 15, 2024

Howdy Chief Appraisers 

Howdy Chief Appraisers!

I trust this year is going well for you, your office, and your family. As you gear up to send out those necessary appraisal notices, it’s important to be prepared for all those protests that inevitably follow, whether they arrive by the mail, email, or through your public portal. Property owners now have the convenience of filing their protests online, attaching any supporting documentation like photos or affidavits. If your current CAMA system is not Prodigy Appraisal and doesn’t offer these essential features, get in touch with us at True Prodigy. We’re ready to ensure your protest season runs smoothly and with minimal stress.

I have a few questions for you to consider as you plan for next year’s appraisal cycle.

  1. Were your Property Value Study results what you were expecting? If not, and you filed an appeal with the state, it’s time to strategize for next year. True Prodigy offers features such as ratio study reports and data analyses to pinpoint where adjustments are needed. For instance, these important features can aid you in identifying what market areas or property classes need to be updated.
  2. Are you prepared for the upcoming Protest Season? I remember well the stress this period brings to the office. I have some advice to share as someone who has been through this experience many years in my career: if you are making significant changes, such as increasing values in certain areas, consider notifying your community beforehand to avoid “sticker shock” when the appraisal notices arrive. Hosting town hall meetings and explaining the district’s role in the property tax system can foster understanding and mitigate frustrations. Many people still do not grasp how the property tax system works and might mistakenly believe values are arbitrarily assigned.

At True Prodigy, we are excited to offer a software application that streamlines the protest process and alleviates stress for all involved. Prodigy Conferencing is an integrated virtual conferencing tool that eliminates the need to have external conferencing platforms making it easier to manage meetings within your office. Its features include Taxpayer/Agent check-in directly from the CAD’s website, updates on a taxpayer’s position in line via email or a text, and a virtual waiting room that organizes check-ins based on hearing time and property types. Panel Management simplifies workload management and allows for easy retrieval of cases from the waiting rooms.

If you have any topics or concerns you’d like me to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Wishing you all a smooth and successful protest season.

Best regards, 

Maggie D.

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